MetaLube, Inc

Proven technology to remove tough deposits from parts and machinery

Rust, laser slag, and mineral scale deposits are enemies of top quality surface finishing.  We provide an innovative line of solutions to remove these contaminants from work pieces and processing machinery.  These products deliver optimum surface preparation for coating.  We offer acid based, nuetral pH, and alkaline product technologies to meet your needs.

Acidic Scale and Rust Removal

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This line of products function to dissolve light rust, laser slag, and mineral scale found in the production environment.  These products are intended to be diluted with water and are easy to control.  The dissolving action is influenced by temperature, chemical concentration, contact time, and bath agitation.  Included in this product line are inhibited acidic chemistries can work to help protect against base metal attack.  These products may be applied by either immersion or spray systems, and may also contain detergents to assist with wetting and rinsing.  Our customers utilize these proven chemistries in production, and for washer maintenance activities.

  • Descale – acidic scale and rust remover

pH Neutral Scale and Rust Removal

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We offer pH neutral products that work to dissolve mineral scale, laser slag, and rust.  The neutral pH of this chemistry aleviates safety concerns associated with acidic products.  These products are water dilutable and easy to control.  We recommend application by either spray or immersion.  Dissolving activity is influenced by the chemical concentration, bath temperature, contact time, and bath agitation.

  • MetalStrip – pH neutral scale and rust remover