MetaLube, Inc


MetaLube provides a variety of technical, chemical, and application resources to ensure a winning parternership.  By listening to and understanding our customers needs, we are able to properly utilize these resources to formulate a solution that provides our customers the competitive edge to succeed in their manufacturing processes.


Featured Product

Our new Metalla 7000 Series line of high lubricity low foaming micro-emulsion metalworking fluids utilize the latest advancements in formulating technology.  The machining performance achieved with most heavy-duty soluble oil can now be obtained with our new line of semi-synthetic products. 

  • Formulated for high pressure - high volume coolant delivery systems
  • Excellent boundary lubrication
  • Superior corrosion protections on ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Forms stable micro-emulsion in hard water environments
  • Low-foam Semi synthetic
  • Machines run clean leaving a soft fluid film for reduced maintenance


Why MetaLube?

As a small business, our superior agility means unmatched responsiveness to deliver the latest technologies and innovations to our customers.  MetaLube provides high performance chemistries combined with exceptional service programs.  We strive to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancements for the indusries we serve.