MetaLube, Inc

The next generation of conversion coatings

Advanced pretreatment technologies are developing just in time to combat rising energy costs, reductions in labor capital, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, a trend toward ‘green’ manufacturing practices, and intense pressure from an increasingly competitive marketplace.

MetaLube has answered the challenge and gained market share with ZirKote conversion coating products.  These zirconium based pretreatment products are available for spray, pressure wand, and immersion applications.  They can be formulated with a detergent package to enhance part cleanliness, or to operate as a stand alone chemistry in 3 stage pretreatment processes.  ZirKote chemistries are effective when applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.


ZirKote conversion coatings offer excellent adhesion and robust salt spray performance.

Nuetral salt spray testing of ZirKote conversion coatings has produced outstanding results; often exceeding that of premium iron phosphates or zinc phosphates.

The ZirKote line of conversion coatings generate very little sludge compared to traditional iron phosphates.

Sludge reduction helps to extend bath life and reduce maintenance costs incurred from frequent dumping and sludge hauling.


ZirKote 602

ZirKote 605

ZirKote 615 PW


Iron Phosphate


Spray / Immersion

Spray / Immersion

Spray Wand

Spray / Immersion

Temp. Range (F)

Ambient – 115F

Ambient – 120F

Ambient – 140F

115 – 145 F

Concentration (%)

1 – 3

1 – 3

1 – 2

2 – 4

Dwell Time (sec)

15 – 45

15 – 45

10 – 30

45 – 90

Cleaning Capability










Click here to access an energy calculator to estimate savings from reducing your operating temperature

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ZirKote products are phosphate free and contain no regulated heavy metals.

These products help customers meet goals for environmental compliance.  They also offer significant reductions in costs associated with waste disposal.  In some cases, a ZirKote coating bath may be pH adjusted and discharged directly to the municipality.

These products are intended to be applied at ambient temperature.

This typically means major cost savings if you are transitioning from iron phosphate.  Reduced energy consumption also reduces carbon emmissions and assists with some environmental initiatives.

Coating formation occurs in as little as 20 seconds.

Rapid coating formation allows for increased production speeds compared to iron phosphates.