MetaLube, Inc

High performance products for facilities maintenance

General purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, peel-able booth coatings, machine and sump cleaner, scale remover and wastewater treatment chemicals are just a few of the products we supply.  We also offer dispensing equipment options through our equipment partners.

General Purpose Degreaser

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These products are water based, industrial strength cleaners formulated to remove common shop soils from all surfaces.  Economical and effective, these general purpose cleaners can be diluted with water to achieve the desired strength for your soil load.

Floor Cleaner

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We offer a line industrial strength floor cleaners for mop bucket and floor scrubber applications.  Our floor cleaning products are formulated for maximum cleaning performance while minimizing the negative effects that some solvents can have on seals, hoses, and coated surfaces.  Since paint technologies vary, we recommend a spot check to ensure compatibility before use on painted floors.

Machine and Sump Cleaner

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Our SumpCleaner product line is formulated for the tough job of cleaning the oil, fluid residues, dirt, and soap scum that accumulate in machine tools during the normal course of production.  They effectively penetrate and remove soils from machine sumps, cabinetry, coolant supply lines, and coolant recycling equipment.  These low foaming products have excellent penetrating action, and contain a biocide to sanitize coolant lines and difficult to reach areas.  All of these cleaners are compatible with most metalworking fluid technologies and may be added to the sump during production.  Cleaner residues leave a thin film residue to prevent flash rust and provide short term corrosion protection.    

Scale Remover

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We offer scale removers that specialize in removing a variety of insoluble materials.  Silicate scale build up is typically found in the cleaning stages of multi-metal washers.  We target the silicate scale with inhibited acidic descaling products that efficiently dissolve these mineral deposits.  Phosphate sludge is another enemy of the pretreatment washer and can clog plumbing and nozzles, reduce bath volume, and reduce the heat transfer efficiency of heating elements.  Our products reduce down time and labor costs by quickly penetrating and softening this material so it may be rinsed away.  The cleaning power of these products is influenced by chemical concentration, bath temperature, and agitation.  A MetaLube application specialist will be able to assist in recommending the appropriate scale remover for your application.

Process Oils

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We offer a premium line of process oils including fire resistant and standard hydraulic oils, way oil, and spindle oil.

  • MetaLube WO, HO, Spindle – ISO VG grades 32, 46, 68, 100, and 150

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

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Some facilities are equipped to chemically treat their waste water prior to discharge.  MetaLube offers these customers a range of wastewater treatement chemistries including pH adjusters, solid and liquid coagulants, and anionic polymer flocculents.  Our chemistries are economical and extremely efficient.  A MetaLube application specialist can assist with recommending specific products to meet your chemical treatment needs.