MetaLube, Inc

Innovative solutions for today’s emerging challenges

Listening and understanding is the first step to a successful application of any industrial chemistry.  MetaLube product specialists will work with you to identify the best product to meet your specific needs.  Adding value through controlling production costs and maximizing quality is objective by which success is measured in today’s competitive production environment.

Improvements in metal finishing and metalworking chemistries are allowing for environmentally friendly solutions that reduce operating costs and boost productivity.  Contact us for an onsite visit to evaluate the potential to integrate these solutions into your processes.

Metalworking Fluids

  • Metella – High Performance Semi-Synthetic Coolant
  • SemiCool – Semi-Synthetic Coolant
  • SynCool – Synthetic Coolant
  • SolCool – Soluble Oil Coolant
  • MetalCut – Cutting Oil
  • MetalForm – Drawing and Stamping Lubricants

Metal Finishing

  • MetalKleen – Metal Cleaning Products
  • MetalPhos – Phosphate Conversion Coatings
  • ZirKote – Zirconium Conversion Coatings
  • MetalSeal – Seal Rinses

Corrosion Preventatives

  • RustPro

Specialty Oils

  • MetalCut
  • MetaLube WO, HO, Spindle

Wastewater Treatment

  • Calcium Chloride
  • Poly-Aluminum Chloride
  • DE
  • Polymeric Flocculent
  • MetaLube pH adjuster

Maintenance Chemicals

  • General Purpose Degreaser
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Sump/Machine Cleaner
  • Scale Remover
  • Booth Coatings