MetaLube, Inc

Protect your finished product with high performance conversion coating technologies

Our customers rely on production tested conversion coating technologies to improve paint coverage, enhance paint adhesion, and maximize durability of the finished coating.  MetaLube offers a variety of conversion coating products that deliver these critical functions so you can focus on your finished product.

Our line of conversion coating products includes iron phosphates, zirconium based conversion coatings, and chrome free seal rinses.  These products are carefully formulated to meet the unique process and performance requirements of your paint line.

Process details to consider are numerous and some are line configuration, substrate type(s), application temperature, contact time, overflow rates, and the potential for line stops.  Performance requirements vary between customers, but common tests include adhesion, durability, and accelerated corrosion testing.

Zirconium Conversion Coating

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Advanced conversion coatings have made a big splash in recent years.  These products are phosphate free, contain no regulated heavy metals, and apply at ambient temperature.  They may be applied by either spray, immersion, or pressure wand application systems.  Click the ZirKote tab to read more.

  • ZirKote LT – phosphate free conversion coatings for spray or immersion washers
  • ZirKote PW – phosphate free conversion coatings for spray wand system

Iron Phosphate

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We have an extensive line of iron phosphate technologies that meet each customer’s individual processing and performance demands.  These products can be applied by spray, immersion, or pressure wand systems.  We offer low temperature iron phosphates that combine accelerator technologies to produce high quality coatings at reduced temperatures.  MetaLube iron phosphates can be formulated with detergents to enhance part cleanliness or to operate alone in 3 stage washers.  These products are dependable and easy to control.

  • MetalPhos DS or DI – detergent bearing iron phosphates for re-circulating spray or immersion washers
  • MetalPhos ND – non-detergent iron phosphates for spray or immersion washers
  • MetalPhos PW – iron phosphate solutions for spray wand systems


Non-Chrome Seal Rinse

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A seal rinse is sometimes required to enhance performance of the finished coating.  We offer various seal rinse technologies to meet your process requirements.  Our line of rinses includes molybdate containing products, zirconium based rinses, and alkaline chemistries.  These products are intended to be used in the final stage of your pretreatment process and provide enhanced paint durability, salt spray performance, and pre-paint corrosion protection.  They may be applied by either spray or immersion techniques.

  • MetaSeal – acidic and alkaline seal rinse products