MetaLube, Inc


MetaLube wants your empty totes back

Once your 330 gallon tote tanks are emptied, we will pay the freight charges to have them returned to our Youngsville, NC facility.

Be sure that:

  • totes have not been re-purposed for holding other process fluids, waste oil, or used fluids.
  • tote tanks must be triple rinsed and completely drained of any liquid
  • placards and labels are removed or masked

To complete a container return:

(1)  Click the following link to access a bill of lading for use when returning empty totes.

          Tote Return Bill of Lading

Note: the file is password protected, so you must first obtain the password and your customer code by contacting your sales representative.  Complete all yellow highlighted fields, and print the completed bill of lading.

(2)  Schedule the pick-up with Estes.  Click this link to look up your Estes pick-up terminal contact information.

          Look-Up Terminal