MetaLube, Inc

We utilize the latest technologies available in the marketplace to formulate solutions for your metal removal needs.

We are continuously working to position ourselves and our customers on the leading edge of technological advancements in metalworking fluids.  We work closely with additive developers to ensure that our customers stay ahead of the competition.  All of our customers, from small CNC job shops to large production machining facilities depend on the value we add to enhance their bottom line.

Metalworking Fluids

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MetaLube offers the latest technology in water based cutting and grinding fluids.  We supply a variety of products to cover all your fluid needs from light duty grinding to the most difficult cutting operations.  Our water dilutable fluids provide excellent resistance to “rotten-egg odors” caused by sulfur reducing bacteria.  We offer a selection of low foaming fluids intended for use in modern high pressure, high volume coolant delivery systems and chip blasters.

  • SemiCool – Semi-Synthetic
  • Metella – Semi-Synthetic
  • SynCool – Synthetic
  • SolCool – Soluble Oil
  • MetaLube TS – Time Saver Fluids

Straight Oil

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We offer a complete line of straight cutting and grinding oils for applications including gear cutting, gear grinding, broaching, honing and gun drilling.  In addition to our metalworking oils, we offer a premium line of process oils including fire resistant and standard hydraulic oils, way oil, and spindle oil.

  • MetalCut – straight cutting and grinding oils
  • MetaLube WO, HO, Spindle – ISO VG grades 32, 46, 68, 100, and 150