MetaLube, Inc

Cleaning solutions for the modern production environment

Our line of metal cleaning products efficiently removes process oils, lubricants, shop dirt, grease and a multitude of process fluids that accumulate on metal parts during production processes.  Product technologies include alkaline, emulsion, detergent, pH neutral, and acidic formulations.  Each customer application is unique.  No matter your process, your substrate, your soil, or your next production step; MetaLube can provide an exacting chemical solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Spray Cleaners

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We offer a broad range of production tested, high performance spray cleaner concentrates.  These products attack and remove soils to assure superior quality parts from your metal finishing operation.  Our unique formulations are designed for demanding low temperature cleaning operations, and can be customized for your substrate and soil.  Phosphate free products are also available, and when combined with ZirKote conversion coatings, will improve compliance by completely removing phosphate from your pretreatement chemicals.  We specialize in cleaning products formulated for use in re-circulating spray washers, pressure washers, and steam wands.

  • MetalKleen SL – spray cleaner
  • ZirKleen SL – spray cleaner for use with ZirKote conversion coating products
  • MetalKleen PW – spray cleaner for pressure washer and steam wand applications

Immersion Cleaners

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MetaLube immersion cleaners are formulated for superior wetting and oil penetration compared to traditional products.  These characteristics give our customers an advantage by enhancing the cleaning mechanisms utilized in production scale immersion cleaning systems.  Our immersion cleaners are carefully formulated to ensure substrate compatibility, long bath life, ease of operation, and maximum soil removal.

  • MetalKleen IL – immersion cleaner