MetaLube, Inc

MetaLube provides a wide range of high performance metal forming product technologies.

Our metal forming product line includes high performance straight oil, solvent based, soluble oil, semi-synthetic, and fully synthetic fluids.  No matter what your application, our diverse product offerings allow customers to choose the solution that best fits their requirements.

Drawing and Heavy-Duty Stamping

msds                    tds                    case study

We offer a wide range of synthetic, emulsifiable, and non-emulsifiable products to fit your application.  The capabilities of our line of metal forming products have been expanded and enhanced by years of meeting customer demands for ever-higher performance requirements.

Light-Duty Stamping and Bending

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We offer a range of innovative water based products that perform well in light to medium duty stamping operations, shearing, piercing, blanking, bending, and roll forming.  These products have been formulated for clean operation, excellent boundary lubrication, and wide range substrate compatibility. 

Vanishing Oil

msds                    tds                    case study

These products balance capability with customer application requirements to provide formed parts that are virtually dry after forming operations.  This line of products are typically used for light duty stamping, punching, piercing, blanking, and roll forming operations where excess residual fluid is not tolerated.