MetaLube, Inc

The shop environment can quickly cause corrosion of machined parts

Exposure to moisture, dirt, and other materials can result in attack of the metal surface.  MetaLube offers a full line of corrosion inhibitors to protect your parts during production and ensure quality during storage.  Our RustPro product line includes solvent based, emulsifiable oil, and synthetic corrosion inhibitors.

Solvent Based

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Our solvent based corrosion inhibitors are water displacing and act to deposit a thin layer on coated surfaces that acts as a physical barrier to corrosion.  These products may be applied by spray, flood, dip, or brush in order to achieve a uniform coating.  This product class is ideal to protect parts during shipping and longer term storage.

Emulsifiable Oil

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Emulsifiable corrosion inhibitors leave a soft, non-tacky film on coated surfaces that protects the underlying metal.  The amount of residual coating is influenced by the bath concentration.  Bath concentration is easily controlled using a hand-held refractometer.  This product class is ideal for shipping and storage.


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MetaLube offers high performance synthetic corrosion inhibitors that leave a very thin water soluble film on coated surfaces.  Bath concentration is controlled with a refractometer, and the amount of residual coating is influenced by concentration.  These products are free from petroleum, secondary amines, and nitrites and are formulated for multi-metal compatibility.