MetaLube, Inc

Case Study  Metalworking Fluids

    SemiCool 2125B

Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

MSDS              TDS



Process Variables

  Refract Range:           8 – 10

  Cycle Time:                45 min

  Coolant Pressure:     250 psi

  Substrate:                 6061 Al

Previous Product

Economical Semi-Synthetic


Drilling, Milling, and Turning

Substrate Type

Cast Aluminum

Customer Requirements

There was a need to improve surface finish on machined surfaces and reduce foam in robotic machining operations that use high volume coolant pumps.  Customer was also interested in boosting the biostability of their coolant to improve their coolant reclamation process.


MetaLube custom formulated a economical, low foam semi-synthetic with enhanced boundary lubrication properties.  We combined this technology with a maintenance program to sustain good coolant quality throughout the reclamation process.  The customer minimized coolant usage and boosted performance.