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Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner

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Application Guide

Mop Buckets

1:10 – 1:5

Floor Scrubbers

1:20 – 1:10

Spray Bottle

1:100 – 1:10

Pressure Washer

1:100 – 1:20


Floor Scrubber Machine

Previous Product

Competitive Butyl Cleaner


Cutting oil, hydraulic oil, way oil, metalworking fluids, rust preventatives

Customer Requirements

A large automotive gear manufacurer was using a competitive floor cleaner in their floor scrubbers and mop buckets.  Their cleaner was leaving residue on the floor that presented a slip hazard.  They needed a product that was effective in penetrating and suspending the oil so it could be removed by the floor scrubber.


MetaLube provided OrangeTuff; a heavy-duty degreaser intended for mop buckets, floor scrubbers, and general purpose cleaning.  OrangeTuff effectively penetrated, lifted, and dispersed the process oils leaving their shop floors clean and free from slippery residues.  This cusotmer also further dilutes OrangeTuff for use as a general purpose cleaner.  OrangeTuff provided a cost savings for this customer because of its ability to clean at low concentrations, and the customer is no longer faced with slip hazards from insufficient oil removal.  OrangeTuff is free from butyl solvent and instead uses natural solvents that provide efficient cleaning and a pleasant citrus odor.