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Case Study    Cleaner / Corrosion Inhibitor

    MetalKleen 3165

  Alkaline Cleaner and Rust Preventative

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Temperature:     135-145 F

Concentration:          5 – 7 %

Dwell Time:                  60 sec

Spray Pressure:           15 psi


2 stage spray washer

Previous Product


Substrate Type

Machined cast iron

Customer Requirements

An engine component manufacturer wanted a cleaner/corrosion inhibitor that would operate in a 2 stage spray washer designed to remove coolant residues and chips from machined cast iron parts.  The chemistry was required to provide a residual film capable of providing 3 – 6 months indoor corrosion protection.


Our product development team worked with additive suppliers to generate a custom formulation that would achieve  the required 3 – 6 months indoor corrosion protection while meeting their cleaning expectations.  This customer was able to achieve extended indoor storage capabilites through utilizing advanced corrosion protection additive chemistry.  MetalKleen 3165 reduced costs by eliminating the need for additional processing steps involving the application of solvent based or emulsifiable corrosion inhibitors.



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