MetaLube, Inc

Case Study    Metal Cleaning

  MetalKleen 203 SL

Heavy-Duty Alkaline Spray Cleaner

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Temperature:     140 – 150 F

Concentration:     4.0 – 5.0 %

Dwell Time:                 60 sec

Spray Pressure:          20 psi



Multi-metal spray cleaning

Previous Product

Premium alkaline cleaner with high silicate levels

Substrate Type

Steel, stainless steel, galvalum, aluminized, galvanized

Customer Requirements

This customer was using a high pH, highly silicated cleaner to remove heavy lubricants and protect sensitive substrates from attack.  The excessive silicate level in their product was causing rapid scale formation that resulted in clogged nozzles, loss of spray pressure, decrease burner efficiency, and scale build-up in their coalescer.  They required a cleaner that would remove the viscous soils, eliminate the silicate scale build-up, and not harm their sensitive metals.


Our formulation specialists designed MetalKleen 203 SL to meet these requirements.  This alkaline cleaner efficiently removes rust preventatives and viscous oils from part surfaces.  It is phosphate free, contains low levels of silicate, and relies on proper pH balance to inhibit attack of their sensitive metals.  This customer has reduced maintenance costs associated with replacing plumbing, nozzles, and regular chemical descaling of the cleaning stages of the washer.