MetaLube, Inc

Case Study    Metal Forming Fluid

           MetalForm 5125

Drawing and Stamping Compound

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables


Schuler 5 station 250 metric ton hydraulic press

Material Gauge:

19 – 25

Applicator Type:

Unist Uni-Roller Type S


Deep drawing and stamping

Previous Product

Two straight oil lubricants blended together

Substrate Type

Stainless steel, galvanized, enamelling iron

Customer Requirements

This customer was using two competitive straight forming oils that were blended together to achieve the required performance properties for their application.  They perform deep drawing operations on stainless steel, and enamelling iron.  The press operators were required to mix the lubricants together at different ratios depending on the application and substrate.  They desired to simplify their forming operation and improve output consistency.


MetalForm 5125 was developed as a single product to meet performance requirements for all substrates and pressline applications.   The customer was able to use MetalForm 5125 for all operations without the need for press line operators to measure and mix various lubricant blends.  The improved capability of MetalForm 5125 has resulted in reduced lubricant usage, improved pressline operating efficiency, and more consistent part quality.