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Case Study    Zirconium Conversion Coating

     ZirKote 602 LT

Zirconium conversion coating

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Temperature:   Amb. – 115 F

Concentration:     2.0 – 3.0 %

Dwell Time:                  45 sec

Spray Pressure:           15 psi


5 stage spray washer

Previous Product

Competitve zirconium coating

Substrate Type

Steel and Galvanized

Customer Requirements

This customer was using a zirconium based conversion coating from a leading international pretreatment company.  They were interested in improving performance and reducing the operating costs of their metal finishing process.


MetaLube was given the opportunity to run ZirKote 602 LT on their high volume production line.  Compared to competitive products, ZirKote 602 LT contains an increased amount of active zirconium, and increased acidity to combat contamination.  Our balanced formulation has allowed this customer to reduce chemical usage by approximately 20% in their conversion coating bath, while improving the salt spray performance of their process.




Lower your operating costs by reducing the temperature of your conversion coating bath

Use this energy savings calculator to estimate potential savings at your facility.  The calculator is password protected, so please contact your MetaLube sales representative or use this CONTACT US link to obtain the password.

Savings Calculator