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Case Study    Zirconium Conversion Coatings

     ZirKote 602 LT

Zirconium conversion coating

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Temperature:   Amb. – 100 F

Concentration:    2.0 – 3.0 %

Dwell Time:                60 sec


Multi-metal immersion pretreatment process

Previous Product

Detergent iron phosphate

Substrate Type

Steel, galvanized, aluminum

Customer Requirements

Parts must be able to achieve a class A finish as necessary, and meet customer’s applicable adhesion, salt spray, impact, and mil spec TT490 requirements.


This line was successfully converted from iron phosphate to ZirKote 602, a zirconium based conversion coating technology.  The product has excelled in achieving the customers expectations.  This customer improved line performance, eliminated phosphates from their conversion coating bath, reduced the operating temperature from 140F to ambient, and minimized maintenance costs associated with dumping and disposal of spent bath.




Lower your operating costs by reducing the temperature of your conversion coating bath

Use this energy savings calculator to estimate potential savings by reducing the operating temperature of your spray washer.  The calculator is password protected, so please contact your MetaLube sales representative or use this CONTACT US link to obtain the password.

Savings Calculator