MetaLube, Inc

Case Study    Metal Cleaning

   ZirKleen 1050 SL

Heavy-Duty Alkaline Spray Cleaner

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Temperature:    130 – 140 F

Concentration:          3 – 4 %

Dwell Time:                 60 sec

Spray Pressure:            8 psi


5 stage spray washer

Previous Product

High pH cleaner

Substrate Type

CRS, HRS and Hot dipped galvanized

Customer Requirements

The customer had to remove surface contaminants left after the annealing process performed by their steel supplier.  The washer design for this process would only permit 7 – 8 psi for all stages which limited the chemical impingement normally available to assist in cleaning these types of soils.  Due to insufficient cleaning, the salt spray performance from this process was falling short of their targeted requirement.  This customer desired more consistent cleaning results and improved salt spray performance.


Our formulation team set out to produce a highly efficient alkaline cleaner that could meet the cleaning challenges of this application.  ZirKleen 1050 SL was formulatlated to aggressively penetrate and suspend the insoluble residue on the metals surface.  This product provides exceptional compensates for processess with low spray pressures to help boost cleaning performance.  Through enhanced cleaning performance and the introduction of ZirKote 602 the customer now consistently achieves their targeted salt spray requirements.