MetaLube, Inc

Case Study    Metalworking Fluid

      SolCool 8200

Soluble Oil Metalworking Fluid

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Refrac. Range:           8 – 10

Cycle Time:               45 min

Coolant Pressure:    250 psi



Milling, drilling, tapping, turning

Previous Product

Premium semi-synthetic

Substrate Type

6061 aluminum

Customer Requirements

This customer uses high pressure, high volume coolant pumps to flood coolant in their pallet machines.  Typical cycle times at this customer are in excess of 40 minutes with limited down time between cycles.  The customer needed an extremely low foaming product that could perform the difficult milling and turning operations on their aluminum alloys.


Our formulation team designed SolCool 8200, a soluble oil that utilizes new low foam polymeric emulsifier technology to eliminate sump overflows.  SolCool 8200 also contains a premium aluminum lubricant package to ensure superior machining performance on difficult aluminum applications.  This customer boosted coolant performance and eliminated the need for defoamer.