MetaLube, Inc

Case Study    Metalworking Fluid

     SolCool 8200

Soluble oil metalworking fluid

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Refract Range:             8 – 10

Cycle Time:                  45 min

Coolant Pressure:       250 psi


Sawing , drilling, and tapping

Previous Product

SolCool 3000 HD

Substrate Type

Extruded 6061 aluminum tube

Customer Requirements

This customer uses an economical soluble oil to saw extruded aluminum tube to length, and then taps the inner diameter of the tube to produce couplings.  The previous product required an elevated operating concentration to achieve the desired performance.   In addition to the need to improve machining performance, they also needed to extend sump life.


Our application specialists selected SolCool 8200 as a replacement for the economical soluble oil.  SolCool 8200 boosted aluminum tapping performance resulting in smoother threads at a reduced coolant concentration.  The biostable emulsifier package improved sump conditions and helped control rotten egg odors.  This customer improved machining performance and moderated coolant usage through reductions in operating concentration and dump frequency.