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Case Study    Metalworking Fluid 

     SemiCool 7120

Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

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Process Variables

Refract Range:           8 – 10

Cycle Time:                45 min

Coolant Pressure:     250 psi

Substrate:                 6061 Al


Peeling of bar stock

Previous Product

Premium semi-synthetic

Substrate Type

Stainless steels

Customer Requirements

A typcial cycle time for the peeling machines at this customer is 45 minutes or more, and the semi-synthetic they were using was foaming out of the coolant tank.  They needed a heavy-duty coolant that would deliver excellent insert life on stainless steel while maintaining an extremely low foam profile for 45 minutes to an hour of high pressure circulation.


MetaLube researched potential lubricant and emulsifier materials that could provide the required machining performance and low- to non-foaming characteristic.  The result was our Metella line of high performance semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.  We provided the customer with a biostable, low foam, semi-synthetic that boosted machining performance and eliminated the need for defoamer.



Metella Metalworking Fluids

Our latest line of metalworking fluids delivers lower foam, longer sump life, and improved machining performance compared to traditional semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.

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