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Case Study    Spray Cleaner

    MetalKleen 4920

Specialty Cleaner and Rust Preventative

MSDS              TDS



Process Variables

Temperature:     Amb. – 95 F

Concentration:    2.0 – 3.0 %

Dwell Time:                45 sec

Spray Pressure:               30 psi


Spray cleaning porcelain powder from monorail hangers

Previous Product


Substrate Type

Mild steel hangers

Customer Requirements

A common problem in porcelain coating is the removal of porcelain overspray from part hangers and the subsequent processing of the removed porcelain powder.  Porcelain powder is very hydrophobic and forms a solid cake in aqueous environments.  This customer desired a cleaning solution that would efficiently wet the porcelain and allow it to maintain good flow properties for ease of removal from the cleaning bath.


MetaLube formulated a specialized cleaner to enhance removal of the porcelain from the hangers, and to allow easy separation of the settled powder from the bath.  MetalKleen 4920 P efficiently wets the porcelain overspray and prevents settled powder from forming a solid cake.  The customer is now able to pump the loaded process bath to a separator and drain the porcelain powder from the cone bottom.  The bath can then be pumped back to the tank for re-use.  This customer has greatly reduced the maintenance costs associated with weekly cleaning of their wash tank, and processing of the spent powder.





Lower your operating costs by reducing the temperature of your conversion coating bath

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