MetaLube, Inc

Case Study    Metal Forming Fluid

        MetalForm 5125

Drawing and Stamping Compound

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Process Variables

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Schuler 5 station 250 metric ton hydraulic press

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Material Gauge:

19 – 25

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Applicator Type:

Unist Uni-Roller Type S


Deep drawing and stamping

Previous Product

Heavy-duty straight oil forming lubricant

Substrate Type

Stainless steel, galvanized, enamelling iron

Customer Requirements

This customer is performing heavy-duty drawing operations which require a viscous lubricant for successful forming.  The drawn parts are then cleaned in a two stage immersion washer before further processing.  Inadequate removal of the stamping lubricant has resulted in flash rust of washed parts.  The customer required a heavy-duty forming lubricant that offered improved cleanability.


MetalForm 5125 is a heavy-duty stamping lubricant that was customized with improved wetting characterisitcs and controlled foam for efficient application.  The viscosity and film strength of MetalForm 5125 were engineered to accomodate a wide range of forming operations.  This product was further enhanced with chemistries that provide improved cleanability compared to their previous forming oil.  After careful design and testing, MetalForm 5125 is meeting cleanability and lubricating goals.  By switching lubricant technologies, this customer has improved the quality of their finished parts by eliminating flash rust associated with poor cleaning.