MetaLube, Inc

Case Study    Immersion Cleaner

MetalKleen 2040 IL

Multi-Metal Alkaline Immersion Cleaner

MSDS               TDS



Process Variables

Temperature:     135 – 145 F

Concentration:     2.5 – 3.5 %

Dwell Time:                   5 min


Multi-metal immersion cleaning

Previous Product

Premium alkaline immersion cleaner

Substrate Type

Sheet metals including cold and hot rolled steel, galvanized, and aluminum parts; many parts containing Pemsert hardware.

Customer Requirements

Their alkaline cleaner was causing galvanic corrosion of the plated Pemsert hardware on cold rolled steel parts.  The corrosion products built up as a white powder deposited over the hardware.  The powder had to be manually removed before paint could be applied.


MetalKleen 2040 IL is an alkaline cleaner formulation that is providing excellent cleaning results and has eliminated the unwanted corrosion.  The customer was able to improve cleaning stage performance, and eliminate lost time and labor from wiping powder away from 1000’s of pieces of hardware.  This line consistently provides excellent results in performance testing.